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GZ Little Homes



Children’s Hope Charity Foundation----A loving neighborhood
Guangzhou social worker station of Children’s Hope Charity Foundation is committed to providing medical assistance for sick children from needy families. Hospitalization has brought large burden to the sick children’s families that from other cities. So we will not only fund the children’s medical fees but also arrange visitation, caring and accompany to show them social warmth.
Guangzhou is a modern metropolis with a long history. Its medical system is second to none in China. For sick children from poor and remote areas, hospitalization in Guangzhou means more effective medical treatment, more hope and protection for lives. However, raising money to pay medical fees has exhausted these needy families, not to mention the expensive accommodation fees around the hospitals. For the sake of saving the accommodation fees, the children’s families will choose to live far away from the hospital where their kids receive treatment or live in crowed and crude houses. Some even sleep on newspapers or cardboard boxes on the floor in the hospital. In terms of food, they eat the cheapest boxed lunch for dinners. To increase their sick children’s nutrition, some parents will leave meat and vegetable for their kids and only eat the rice themselves. They cannot even expect to cook nutritious soup or porridge for their children.
Consequently, Children’s Hope Charity Foundation has listed providing cozy accommodation for the sick children and their families who seek medical treatment in Guangzhou as a key task in 2014. With the joint effort of the public, Tongfu Little House and Fangcun Little House were put into use in September and December in 2014 respectively. In March 2015, Ximenkou Little House was also put into service. These Little Houses are cozy, clean, convenient, full-furnitured and bag check and can well satisfy the needs of the sick children and their families.
Tongfu Little House
Tongfu Little House is located in Tongfu East Road in Haizhu District. It is near the Ergong Station of Subway Line 2 and the Red Cross Hospital. This two-floor house provides a comfortable and clean resting place for the parents and their children. It is about five minutes’ walk from the hospital and very convenient for the parents to take care of their children.
Fangcun Little House
This two-floor house is near Fangcun Station. It was put into use in December 2014 and aimed to satisfy the accommodation needs of sick children who receive staged treatment and their families, exempting the long journey between Guangzhou and their hometown in treatment intervals.
Ximenkou Little House
Ximenkou Little House, as the third place of Guangzhou Little House, has been put into use since March, 2015. It is a capacious and comfortable apartment with four rooms and it’s ventilated and filled with light. It is near Ximenkou Metro stop , Guangdong General Hospital Huifu Branch and Guangzhou Children Hospital. Besides, it only takes three metro stops to get to Guangdong General Hospital and The first affiliated hospital of Sun Yat-sen University by line 1. In June, 2015, we have one more apartment with three bedrooms next to the original apartment, so the space of Ximenkou Little House is doubled, which can accommodate 7 families. Our staff and volunteers decorated the new apartment at once so as to serve people who is in need as soon as possible.
June 17thGood news: Ximenkou Little House was expanded! Guangzhou Little House rented another apartment with three bedrooms just next to the the previous Ximenkou Little House, which doubled the space of Ximenkou Little House, and can accommodate 7 families now! The new rented apartment is decorating now and about to put into use as soon as possible. If you are interested in helping families and friends staying in Guangzhou Little House, please stay tuned for the upcoming news about Guangzhou Little House.
Updates on October 27Good news:  Comfortable children beds, multi-function receive ark, sweet child recreation areas are added to the Little House. Originally there were only 12 beds. With elaborate adjustment and design of Shang Pin Home Delivery, the quantity of beds has increased to 17 now. Thanks to the space saving idea of Shang Pin, Guangzhou Little House can accommodate more sick children and their families. Thank Shang Pin Home Delivery for its loving donation. We believe that under the joint efforts of everyone, Guangzhou Little House will be a warmer home! Even better!
Dongshan Little House
In early December, materials for Dongshan Little House have been raised together. We are looking forward to your continued donations to support little houses in Guangzhou. Thank you for your help. For details please click on the link:
Donghshan Little House is located near a metro station, which is a good geographical position. We rented it in November 2015. It’s about 5 minutes' walk from the first affiliated hospital of sun yat-sen university, about 6 minutes’ walk from people's hospital of guangdong province, about 12 minutes’ walk from tumor hospital affiliated to sun yat-sen university, and about 5 minutes’s walk from Dongshan Kou metro station.
On November 22nd, De Wei became the first member of Dongshan Little House. Thanks to the support of friends, services could be delivered in such a short time for children and parents.
By the end of November, there are already 4 family living in the Little House. We hope to serve more children and parents.
Media Report:
2014-09-12, News from Hope of Children’s Website, “The Heart Loving You Is No Longer Far Away From You --- The Guangzhou Children’s Hope Family Was Set Up”
2014-9-22, News Express, “There Is A Love House Near The Hospital” The original link :
2014-11-14, Guangzhou Daily Newspaper, “Children’s Hope Charity Foundation, offer a warm home for the children” The original link :  
2014-11-25, Nanfang TV, Today’s Top News, news video, TVS mixian community TVS  Website’s original video: (from 30th to 32nd minute,it will play the interview of Guangzhou Little House of Children’s Hope )
2014-12-31, Nanfang Metropolis Daily, “Provide A House For Sick Children Seeking For Medical Treatment From Other Place”
2015-06-01, Nanfang Metropolis Daily, “Critically ill children’s hope little house in Guangzhou”
2015-06-01Nanfang Metropolis Daily, “don’t want you to be ill and chemotherapy, but”
2015-06-02, Nanfang Metropolis Daily, “loving heart warm cancer children, more than 200,000 yuan has been raised (a gift for Guangzhou little house’s children)”
2015-06-01, Tencent Charity, Happy Donation, “blessing in children’s day for cancered children” (raised 337,000 yuan)
2015-06-05, Nanfang TV, TVS1, Today’s Front Line, “Critically ill Children’s Temporary Home”,Video link (from 38th to 42nd minute):
2015-06-19Yangcheng Evening News, “The Love house, a warm heart station for critically ill children seeking for medical advice”
2015-07-16, CNR-7 interviewed social worker Leer and Rongrong’s
2015-09-01, Guangdong radio zhujiang economic radio, “The Love House, a  warm heart station for critically ill children seeking for medical advice” Lizhi FM
From Sep7, 2015 to Sep 9, 2015 , Tecent  foundation raising money for cancered
2015-09-12, Zhujiang Economic Radio, Unforgettable, that eye contact, that smile, a warm heart visitation before Mid-autumn
2015-09-12, Zhujiang News reported the little house(start at 6th minute 20th second )
2015-09-18 , Ai Shang Plan. Enjoy gonging to school   “Mid-autumn Day, why did the Change descend to the world with Yutu?”
Monthly operation expenses of Guangzhou Little House include four parts: rent, daily expenses, salary of little house administrators and management fee. Daily expenses refer to property management fees, utilities and health costs and equipment maintenance, etc. The expenses of 5 Little Houses are as follows:
Tongfu Little House: 3,000 rmb of rent; 3,000 rmb of daily expense; 2,000 rmb of administrators salary;  800 rmb of management fees; 8,800 rmb in total(with a donation from Owner Mr. Jiang for the rent).
Baobei Little House: 2,000 rmb of rent; 2,000 rmb of daily expense; 2,000 rmb of administrators salary;  600 rmb of management fees; 6,600 rmb in total(with a donation from Owner Pastor Du for the rent).
Fangcun Little House: 3,000 rmb of rent; 3,000 rmb of daily expense; 4,000 rmb of administrators salary;  1,000 rmb of management fees; 11,000 rmb in total(with a donation from Mr. Jiang for the rent).
Ximenkou Little House(1): 3,500 rmb of rent; 3,000 rmb of daily expense; 4,000 rmb of administrators salary;  1,000 rmb of management fees; 11,500 rmb in total(with a donation from an enterprise for the rent).
Ximenkou Little House(2): 3,000 rmb of rent; 3,000 rmb of daily expense; 4,000 rmb of administrators salary;  1,000 rmb of management fees; 11,000 rmb in total(with a donation from an enterprise for the rent).
Dongshankou Little House: 4,600 rmb of rent; 6,000 rmb of daily expense; 4,000 rmb of administrators salary;  1,500 rmb of management fees; 16,100 rmb in total.
 Monthly operation fee of all the little houses is 60,600 rmb.
Fund Raising
Little homes serve a lot of families. In order to provide long-lasting accommodation service of good quality to sick children and their family, Guangzhou Little House would like to raise fund to continue operating Children’s Hope project in Guangzhou. We invite those who are willing to help the sick children to give donation to the volunteering group. We are thankful for your contribution!
Method of donation:
Please deposit funds to the following account:
Account Name: Children’s Hope Foundation (Henan)
Bank Name: Bank of China, Beijing World Trade Center Branch
RMB: 331156013221 (Accepts any foreign currency.)
HKD: 332456013223
USD: 333756013225
EUR: 335056013225
Swift Code: BKCHCNBJ110
Bank Add: NO.1 Jian Wai Avenue, Beijing China, China World Trade Tower II NB101-102
Please remark your deposit: for Guangzhou Little House
Special Thanks
Special thanks to Mr. Jiang for lending his house to us as Tongfu Little House. Thank Mr. Jiang for dedicating $3000 a month as Fangcun Little House’s rent. Thank Blue Sky Fund for providing money to rent Xinmenkou Little House. Thanks to a lot of loving people to continually provide funds and materials to Guangzhou Little Houses.
Reception QQ group of Children’s Home: 76405105; 
Guangzhou Little House contact: Paul, 
Guangzhou project director: Leer, 128883329
Welcome those who come to visit Little House and exchange ideas. We pray that the volunteer team of Children’s Home will grow and serve more and more children and parents.



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